IL Performance Standards for School Leaders


PBIS Tier II Team Administrator (1a, 1b, 1c)

School based MTSS Team leader (1a, 1b, 1c)

Serve on the District MTSS SEL subcommittee (1a)


Leader, moderator & co-creator of #sd308 learns (1a, 1b)

Serve on the District MTSS Discipline subcommittee (1a)

Continue to evolve and implement school-wide attendance awareness and incentives (1a)

Attendance Incentives



Serve on the District MTSS Discipline subcommittee (1a)

Created and implemented school-wide attendance awareness and incentive (1a)


Reconstructed the Truancy team (developed and assigned roles, created benchmarks & timelines for action) (1b)

Met with each Truancy team member for input on how to redesign centered around student success (1c)

Designed a school-wide MTSS process (1a)

MTSS Support Flow Chart

Reconstructed the MTSS team (developed and assigned roles, created resources accessible to staff, redesigned the referral process to include more data/substantial evidence, clarified Tier I/Universal expectations for staff) (1b)

Met with each MTSS team member for input on how to redesign centered around student learning and staff support (1c)

Immediately have difficult conversations with staff when necessary (i.e., student discipline, expectations for students, lunchroom supervision) (1b, c)




Survey staff and parents, aggregate the data to determine school improvement initiatives

Utilize School Improvement Team to hold community as a whole accountable to aggregated initiatives and student learning goals (i.e., regular meetings, reports, email, and webpage updates) 

Individual, team, and whole staff candid dialogue and action around data and student learning outcomes

Regularly post goals and action steps to School Improvement Team webpage

Infuse school spirit and community pride (i.e., set school colors, spirit wear, celebrations, functions)

mustangs flag



Frequent time spent in classrooms, with entire days dedicated to observing, co-teaching, co-planning

sign language



Feedback emailed to staff before I exit the classroom

Teacher evaluation as a year long process of candid 2 way dialogue built around support of goals 

Discussions focused on student learning as defined by team dialogue, experiences, and data at weekly RtI meetings

Have a standing offer to cover classrooms to provide release time for planning and peer observations 


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